It's Never Too Late to Make This
An Extraordinary Year!
Learn How to SOAR and Achieve the Goals You REALLY Want This Year


Regardless of where you are, it is never too late to begin again or get re-energized in achieving the goals you desire. In two sessions you will be amazed what you can accomplish!

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In this 2-part teleseminar you will:

  • Identify the goals you really want (and are most likely to achieve!)
  • Create your own personalized 3-Step Success Strategy
  • Get into action and create huge momentum to keep on going
  • Learn 4 easy ways to overcome any obstacle that arises
  • And much, much more!


A teleseminar is interactive, informative and fun. It is just like attending workshop, but instead of taking time out of your schedule to travel you attend the course by telephone.

This program meets for two sessions, 75 minutes each session, and includes handouts for fieldwork.

YES! It's time to go for the things you really want in your life!

For more information, email Theresa-Maria.

This mini-coaching program is perfect for one-on-one or Group Coaching to Get on the Right Track!

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  • Are you ready to transcend your role as a leader to a bigger vision?
  • Are you ready to challenge yourself to master leadership skills of winners?
  • Are you ready to design a game where everyone wins?
  • Are you a leader who recognizes that players have a coach in order to rise to the top of their game?
Then let’s develop your winning leadership strategies to get you on the Right Track...

But first, let’s have a conversation to see if we are a match to work together.

Contact me here or email me.

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