Theresa Maria Napa - CPCC, LOACC
Right Track Coaching

90 Days to a New Career Direction


January 18 - March 28, 2016

Monday Evenings

75 minutes from the comfort of your location

5:00pm Pacific

7:00pm Central - 8:00pm Eastern

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  • Save your spot for this fabulous career finding course. 
    It is very personalized and limited in size to those who are
    ready and eager to find their right vocation direction. 

  • Limiting the size of this program allows for more individualized
    growth and coaching.

  • This course is not the traditional method of learning how to write 
    resumes, but in answering your call for fulfillment, satisfaction,
    success and increased wealth!

  • Change is an opportunity to self lead where you want to go
    and map out how you want to get there. You can attract what
    you want and have the career you want!

  • There are 12 weeks of masterful coaching and training,
    usually valued at $3300 for 3 months, is being offered
    this time only, at a much reduced fee of $790, including
    bonuses, for a limited time, and to a limited number of

Are you ready to have the career and income you dream of? 
Then here is your chance to actualize your dream.   



Here is what you can expect to get on the fast track to a new career direction: 

-  12 weeks of group coaching via telephone from the comfort of your location (see details below)

-  Weekly assignments to give you clarity and career direction 

-  Brainstorming sessions with fellow career seekers

-  Accountability for action between sessions

-  Email availability 

-  Resources & articles on career transition and leadership

-  Guarantee


 Two 1-on-1  coaching sessions w/Theresa Maria- MasterCoach valued at $600.00

 Total Package Valued at $3300 to get on your right career path

      Now only:  $999.00 with two monthly payments of $499.50 = $999 (comes to $333.00 a month)

OR:    One time payment of $790.00 (comes to $262.33 a month) (savings of $212 from monthly payments)


Mondays - January 18 - March 28,2016
7:00pm Central - 8:00pm Eastern -  5:00pm Pacific


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 "Nothing happens unless first a dream is created."
-- Carl Sandburg

The first half of the "7 Steps to a New Career Direction in 90 Days"
coaching and training program
is designed to give you clarity and
a plan on where you are headed and why.

Clarity is a powerful first step in reaching your destination.
You wouldn’t get on a plane if the pilot didn’t know where
he/she was going; and you took the chance that he/she
would get you to where you wanted to go.

Many people live their lives in quiet desperation, not sure what to do.
Unless they take action to be in control of their happiness and honor
their values, they will stay where they are and not move forward.

Your imagination is the key to your getting on your right career path...



Week 1 - Where are you now?  Where do you want to go?  Starting the process by looking at what is your ideal vocation?

Week 2 - What you do is not your identity.  With every gain there is a loss.  What is your commitment?  What are you saying "yes" to?

Week 3 - What decisions have you made about your abilities, talents and career identity?  What assumptions are holding you back.  Putting into place new perspectives attracting opportunties.

Week 4 - What dreams, goals, aspirations from the past got interrupted?   Looking at the past for clues to your future career direction. 

Week 5 -  What is your purpose?  Identifying what it is that inspires and motivates you into taking action are signs you are on the Right Track.

Week 6 -  How will you implement your "It" - your decision to follow your purpose?  Putting form and function into your new career model.

 "To get new results you must take new actions
and all actions are fathered by a decision."
-- Anthony Robbins


Following Week 6 you are getting closer to the top of your mountain


The following 6 week sessions put your career transition into structure. With change you are faced with choices and challenges; letting go of the old and welcoming new opportunities. Taking a realistic view of any obstacles that may be preventing you from moving ahead opens a space for new ways to reach your goals. By the end of the program you will be implementing manageable steps toward your new future.

Week 7 - Where are the opportuntities?  What is your commitment and how are you going to get to your desired career?  Anchoring in commitment, belief and opportunities. 

Week 8 - What is your financial strategy?  Looking at monies to make having a new career work - no matter how long it takes to fulfill your vision of an ideal career!

Week 9 - What are the habits to reach your desired career destination?  Are you listening to your intuition?  What are the clues your body is telling you?  Trusting your instincts to move to new horizons.

Week 10 - What support do you have that keeps you on the Right Track?  Lone rangers rarely, if every, succeed alone.  Your environment and relationships are important to your success.  Putting structure into place.

Week 11 - What steps are working?  What are needs to be "let go" in order to be the leader you are meant to be?   What opportunities have become available?   Implementation of career blueprint.

Week 12 - Congratulations you are on your Right Track.  Your career blueprint in action and taking on life.   Where do you go from here?  Life is an ongoing journey full of opportunities.    

 For the one time payment of $790.00 select the "Buy Now" button


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If after the first session of "7 Steps to a New Career Direction " you feel that this program is not satisfactory for your needs or not worth multiple times what you paid for it -- you will receive 100% of your money back!