Get It Done Cafe!
Set and Achieve a Goal in One Day!

Get It Done Cafe 

The November Get It Done Cafe
is only $15.00!

This is the LAST CAFE for 2009!

Are you ready to make a BIG change? Are you not quite sure how to go about it?  Join Leadership & Possibility Coach, TM, for her popular one day Get it Done Cafe and discover how coaching and support can help you Get It Done!

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What is the Get it Done Cafe? It's a perfect way to pick a goal and Get it Done in one day - you meet by phone with Coach T-M in the morning to proclaim your goal with other participants. Then you have a couple hours to get started on that goal - we will hold you accountable! You'll meet again by phone to see how you're doing, tweak the goal if need be and provide support for you to Get it Done! Then you're off again to return an hour and a half later. We meet one final time (at 1:30pm Central, 2:30pm Eastern) to celebrate the achievement of your goal.  

At the Get It Done Cafe you will:

  • Identify one realistic goal you really want (and are most likely to achieve!) to get done this day - could be filing papers, cleaning up your desk, completing a long standing forgotten project, starting a new project, completing a project that will boost your business, completing a report, etc.
  • Check in with your coach and team mates first thing to create the momentum to get moving towards your goal
  • Get into action
  • Check back in a few hours later for an update and additional support if needed
  • Get into action
  • Have a final check in to celebrate your achievement with your fellow participants!

YES! It's time to complete that project that you've been putting off - It's time to GET IT DONE!!

For only $15.00 per person you get on the spot coaching with your fellow participants along with a mid-point check in and a final celebratory call.

Claim and Reserve Your Space NOW!

Here is our next Get It Done Cafe...

Friday November 20th, 2009 - 10:00am Central / 11:00am Eastern

The Get It Done Cafe will be closed
in December for renovations!

Register NOW for final
Get It Done Cafe for 2009!

You will be given the telephone bridge number and other important details about how to get the most out of your Get it Done Day Cafe experience in a follow-up e-mail, after registration.


  • Are you ready to transcend your role as a leader to a bigger vision?
  • Are you ready to challenge yourself to master leadership skills of winners?
  • Are you ready to design a game where everyone wins?
  • Are you a leader who recognizes that players have a coach in order to rise to the top of their game?
Then let’s develop your winning leadership strategies to get you on the Right Track...

But first, let’s have a conversation to see if we are a match to work together.

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