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July 2017 - Getting Reacquainted + 5 Career Tips

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to
work a day in your life.”—Confucius

In This Issue:
- Getting Reacquainted
- The Gifts of Following Your Heart
- 5 Tips for People Ready to Make a Career Change
- Free Teleclass – The Power of Purpose – Being on Track

Getting Reacquainted

It has been a while since writing to my subscribers. I won’t go into a long story other than to say I needed to stop what I was doing. Especially with my business. I felt I was being hypocritical in coaching others in finding their career destiny as I was feeling empty doing what I was doing. So I risked not promoting my business and went with the flow by listening to my inner guidance. It was time to transcend from what I was doing and who I was being.

The Gifts of Following Your Heart

One of the breakthroughs that came from this retreat was honoring my Renaissance Soul. Renaissance Souls have a preference of variety over single-minded focus; as well as having a working style that emphasizes growth and evolution instead of strict devotion to a plan. Think of Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci, or Mayo Angelou who are definitely Renaissance Souls.

Transitions have a new meaning for me. I have learned that when stuff happens, trying to avoid them only creates more of the same. Transitions are endings and beginnings all in one. Endings of what was and beginnings of new possibilities. Resistance to change is futile and out of your control. What is in control is your reaction and action taken.

For me during this latest transition (we go through many in our lifetime) was putting a damper on marketing my coaching. I wasn’t interested! What the heck was going on? I tried ignoring the dull ache in my heart, but it persisted. So I said okay. I will stop promoting coaching and go with the flow.

And go with the flow I did. I paid attention to my feelings, intuition, inner guidance, likes, and dislikes so as to be more in touch with what was trying to evolve. I worked with clients as they showed up asking for coaching. Enough to keep me in touch and discovery of where my coaching business was going, if at all.

Today I am practicing integration of self-awareness, self- leadership, along with the soft and hard skills that evolved during my retreat. It feels good. It feels authentic. And it feels like I am on the Right Track!

In conclusion, I can’t promise regularity with the newsletters and offers as I am still in processing and accepting that there are gifts in imperfection; such as risking showing up authentically rather than hiding behind belief that everything has to be perfect before taking action!

Writing and working with other Renaissance Souls and others making a career shift in their transformation is what feels right. Not should's, but being faithful to what’s calling me. So I begin a new lifestyle chapter!

Hopefully the content and tips I write will be of value in following your destiny vocationally and personally. Plus I am available for you to have a complimentary virtual “What’s Next Strategy Session.” The session is easily done virtually over the phone or Zoom. During the consultation you will get closer to what’s next in your transition.

To have a brief “What’s Next Strategy Session”, it is as easy as contacting us and leaving a brief message. We will get back to you upon receipt of your request.

5 Tips for People Ready for a Career Change

1. When change is knocking at your door and you are not sure you want to answer, you can ignore it, but the knocking will continue until you answer. Answer the call or it will only get louder.

2. Shifting careers for people with multiple talents, such as Renaissance Souls can be daunting. The gateway to clarity is soul searching by going deeper within. You have the answers.

3. Test your courage and willingness to discover which direction to go by making time to explore what you want and what you need to let go of.

4. The majority of people are captives of their limiting beliefs which brings up doubt, anxiety and fear of the unknown. Remember fear is False Evidence Appearing Real! You are meant to have abundance and happiness doing what you love.

5. Life is a journey. It is good to have a destination to aim for, but you have to know that it is the right destination. Do the discovery work through development of self-awareness and self-leadership. Find a coach, mentor, or the support necessary to guide the answers within your heart.

Free Teleclass - The Power of Purpose

Date & Time: July 27, 2017
9:30 am Pacific; 11:30 am Central; 12:30 pm Eastern

This teleclass is for individuals who are tired of doing what they are doing, who want something better, and who are looking for a profession to match their purpose.

Get Details & Registration information here.

Until next time,
Theresa Maria aka TM

“Wanting to be someone else is a waste
of the person you are.” —Marilyn Monroe
Theresa Maria "TM" Napa, CPCC, LOACC
Career Transition - Leadership Coach, Speaker blog
© 2017 - Theresa Maria Napa

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