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July 2016 – From Being a Diamond in the Rough to Brilliance
"The potential of the average person is like a huge 
ocean unsailed, a new continent unexplored, a world 
of possibilities waiting to be released and channeled 
toward some great good.”—Brian Tracy
In this issue:
           - Are You a Diamond in the Rough?  
           - 6 Tips for Diamonds in the Rough  
           - Upcoming Events:  
               (1) Your Career – Your Passion the Renaissance Soul Way 
               (2) Career Coaching Over Chocolate 
               (3) Free Teleclass – The Power of Purpose 
               (4) Fearless Networking
               (5) 90 Days to a New Career Direction 
Are You a Diamond in the Rough?
Are you a hidden gem whose lackluster hides your brilliance?

Are you a diamond in the rough buried doing work that holds 
little interest, if any, but you don’t know what else to do?!

What is the price you pay when you ignore your strengths 
and pay attention to your weaknesses?

What is the cost to being reactive to your surroundings 
rather than being proactive in developing your talents?
                              “If you limit your choice only to what seems
                               possible or reasonable, you disconnect
                               yourself from what you truly want, and all that
                               is left is a compromise.” —Robert Fritz, The
                               Path of Least Resistance
As individuals we are multi-faceted with unlimited possibilities.
However, it is not uncommon to get caught up in circumstances 
unaware of the diamond in the rough we are capable of becoming. 
Examples of turning dullness into brilliance are demonstrated in 
makeovers as seen on television or YouTube.  Most of us have 
seen the before and after looks of individuals who participated in 
We see how an ordinary, unpolished individual is transformed
by makeover experts who see the diamond in the rough.  The 
person having the makeover doesn’t have a clue but is open 
to what’s possible.  
One makeover I recently viewed was of a man who looked 
ordinary and someone you would not necessarily notice walking 
down the street.  In the before look, he appeared dull and not 
very personable.   
His attire gave the impression that he didn’t put much effort 
into it.  His hair and beard were shabby with no clean-cut hairlines.   
The after look was amazing and transformational.  His demeanor 
shifted as he walked on stage toward the audience.  Like a peacock 
spreading its feathers he displayed his transformation with pride.   
His attired was coordinated down to his shoes.  His hair and beard 
were well-groomed and much more appealing.  He affirmed that he 
liked his transformation and saw it as the beginning toward other 
To me he was 100% more handsome and someone who would
catch the attention of others!   He was an example of going from
ordinary to extraordinary.  Truly a diamond in the rough come to life.
A diamond is one of the hardest natural minerals known.  The word 
“diamond” comes from the Greek word that means “unbreakable.”   
Your destiny is unbreakable, but it can be ignored.  Don’t disregard 
what you are meant to do, be, and have.  The only way you can be on 
track with it is to start polishing it to discover its many facets.
6 Diamond in the Rough Tips:
  1. Make a list of your biggest complaints about your career, 
    your life.   As you list them, describe what it is that upsets 
  2. After you write your list of complaints, take each complaint 
    and write what you would rather have in its place.  For
    example:  “I am tired of going to a job wishing I were 
    someplace else.”  Change to: “I see myself eager to go to
    work.”   Or:  “I wish I were doing some other kind of work.”  
    Change to:  “I am now on my right career track by following
    what I am meant to do next.”. 
  3. Start taking action steps toward the changes you want.  
    They don’t have to be gigantic steps.  Polish one facet
    at a time.
  4. Like a diamond has many facets, so do you.  Your work 
    is only one facet.  Personal growth, family, friends, 
    spirituality, and other interests of importance to you 
    are facets unique to you.   Your brilliance gets brighter 
    with your authenticity.   Take time to gain clarity by 
    asking yourself what it is you really want and why.
  5. Go from ordinary to extraordinary as you are meant to.  
    This doesn’t mean that your brilliance needs to be fame 
    and fortune like we are led to believe is the identity of 
    success.  And not that that is bad either.  The key to 
    being extraordinary is being true to your purpose.  
    When you are on purpose, I would say you are “in the
  6. I am offering a free teleclass on July 16 on The Power 
    of Purpose
    to help you gain insight and clarity on finding
    your purpose.   Once you register, you will be sent a handout
    to get you started.  I welcome the opportunity to help you get on
    track to your purpose.  Click here for details and registration.
“It isn’t where you came from; it’s where
you’re going that counts.”—Ella Fitzgerald
                             “Wanting to be someone else is a waste 
                              of the person you are.” 
—Marilyn Monroe
Fearless Networking for the Timid and not so Timid
Location:  Career Transition Center - Chicago, IL
Dates and Times:  October 12, 19 & 26
Wednesdays 10:30 am to 12:30 pm

Networking is today’s most effective way of finding employment
and customers.  Learn how to build your network by developing
your own networking style.  
                             “You can make more friends in two months by
                              becoming interested 
in other people than you can
                              in two years by trying to get other people interested
                              in you.”—Dale Carnegie
Theresa Maria aka "TM"
Theresa Maria "TM" Napa, CPCC, LOACC  blog

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